Monday, October 15, 2007

some things are possible, if we believe!

“…if you can believe, ALL THINGS are possible to whom who believes…” Mark 9:23 NKJV [italics & emphasis mine]

Some of us have paraphrased the above scripture to read “…if you can believe, within reason (i.e. being practical), then it is possible that God will do it…” We only believe God in things that are humanly possible for instance we don’t have a problem believing God for miracle of health when it is malaria involved, but when it comes to Cancer? AIDS? we back down…

The reason is our faith has never grown beyond what was necessary to receive salvation. We know how to get faith “…faith cometh by hearing” [Rom 10:17 KJV], but we don’t know how to release it. Faith is released by WORD of OUR MOUTH; we used this principle when we got saved. We believed in our heart AND CONFESSED with OUR MOUTH [Rom 10:8-10]. Possibility for you-as believer-is determined by your CAPACITY to receive the word of God, believe it in your heart AND speak/confess it with your mouth (faith filled words) “…the tongue has power of life and death…” [Prov 18:21 NIV].


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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path Ps 119:105 KJV

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Mdimi said...

Interesting phenomenon "Faith cometh" and "faith released" what else "word received" and "word spoken" What else? "Word believed" and "Word acted on" Is there a hidden code or a formula by which we can apply and get all the above as a result? I guess there is!

Light2mypath said...

Brethren Mwidimi, Haven't you heard that God has entrusted us with His secret? However, this principle is as elementary as gravity-ignore it at your peril.

Something happens inside us when we speak out faith filled words. Recall what Jesus said? "if you TELL this mountain" He didn't say if you simply believe in your heart the mountain will move.

In creation, GOD SAID "let there be light" He didn't just believe or meditate, He said it. WORDS HAVE CREATIVE POWER, we need to SPEAK what we BELIEVE...

Mdimi said...

Hey But the Bible also says "thy Word have I hidden in my heart" "so that I may not sin against Thee". Following this principle, we do not need to "speak the word", just hiding it into our heart produces (releases) desired effects!!!. Also God did not speak thruout the creation, especially when it came to Adam, he just created him and "blew" the breath of life. I guess the speaking bit here was to communicate with the rest of Godhed rather than the "release of force". Having said that, I suppose psychologically, speaking is good for us although not a prerequisite of faith. I this supposition acceptable in your view?
Yours Mdimi

Light2mypath said...

God did not creat man directly like other created things; He FORMED man from created dust. But when He completed forming him, He BREATHED into him...the breathing was not like blowing baloon-He spoke the Word which caused man to become a 'living soul'.

Faith starts as a desire, hope or anticipation in ones’ heart after having heard the word(s) of God [Heb 11:1]; e.g. a sick person begins to build hope when he/she hears ‘by His stripes we were healed’. That hope can grow to mature into believing (belieffaith), but unless some-kind of action(s) is taken against that belief, that person’s belief is USELESS…it did not survive as faith [Jam 2:17-18].

Speaking what one believes is an ACTION taken against ones’ belief; not only that but it is also a scriptural fact that words have creative power:
-God sent HIS WORD, Jesus, to heal us [Ps 50:15]
-God has exalted HIS WORD above His name
-Life and death are in the POWER OF TONGUE, words [Prov 18:21]
-Every IDLE word that we speak shall be judged
-when we bless others, we speak WORDS
-when we cast a spell/be-witch, we speak WORDS,

Hence my original post: we are of little faith, faith filled words is ‘the missing link’ for WHEN WE SPEAK, FAITH FILLED WORDS, SOMETHING HAPPENS INSIDE OF US THAT BUILDS OUR ‘CAPACITY’ TO BELIEVE [read between the lines]

Mdimi said...

Hi Tim, a little problem here is the supposition that "...the breathing was not like blowing baloon-He spoke the Word which caused man to become a 'living soul'". This is conveyed by some people but actually is not what is written. Are we not over-emphasizing the action of "speaking"? while God knows all the intentions of Man? In some cases the sick were healed by just sitting under apostles shaddows, or just touching the hem or even the dead raised before they spoke anything? Mh just thinking aloud!

Light2mypath said...

Brother Mdimi, I speak what I have 'experienced' in my life. I have seen this principle working in my life, taking me into another dimension in faith.

Why don't you try it first...Paul said we ought to try all things and hold what is good. Some things are understood by spirit not human reasoning/logic-our minds are an excellent vessel, but we need to know where they stop.

Try the principle for 12 months then come back to me with results...

Anonymous said...

What if somebody is born dumb and can not speak, are mountain going to move in his life or not?


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