Thursday, August 26, 2010

If God doesn't touch you

“…Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years…She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse.When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment. For she said, “If only I may touchHis clothes, I shall be made well.” Immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction…” © Mark 5:25-29, NKJV, italics and emphasis mine

Many of us Christians take a passive role when it comes to receiving what we are looking for from the Lord. The song, “pass me not oh gentle saviourwhile on others thou' art calling, do not pass me by” is all to familiar. We wait on God to touch us, to minister to us and to respond to our needs. No no no my friend there is another way, if God does not touch you, you can touch Him…If God does not come to you, you can go to Him. Forget the old passive gospel of waiting on the Lord, you can follow Him where He is and touch Him to move on your behalf.

This woman (above scripture) became pro-active in pursuit of her desire and she got what she wanted. You can touch God like her byextending your faith into action to manifest your desires. You can also touch God by fighting and contending with Him like Jacob (Israel—Gen 32:22-30) or like the Canaanite woman pleading and interceding (Matthew 15:22-28) until you get your heart’s any means necessary, If God doesn't touch you YOU CAN TOUCH HIM RIGHT NOW!

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I believe in prosperity for I believe in God, for He gives me power to get wealth” © TJ Kyara

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