Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Your Call is Calling

It was soon evident that God had entrusted me with the same message to the non-Jews as Peter had been preaching to the Jews. Recognizing that my calling had been given by God, James, Peter, and John—the pillars of the church—shook hands with me and Barnabas, assigning us to a ministry to the non-Jews, while they continued to be responsible for reaching out to the Jews” ©Prov, italics and emphasis mine

As much as we would love to be there and help everyone, we are not called to serve everyone. Every human being on earth has a distinctively unique Gift, Call and Assignment (ministry to specific people and place) eg one may be called to orphaned children in refugee camp or widowers in Africa.

How successful you become depends on your ability to discover and exploit your gift, respond to your call and pursue your assignment relentlessly obsessively as if your breathing depends on it. Creativity, innovation, excellence and potential realisation will be evident to all if you flow in your gift, call and assignment and not otherwise

//Tim J Kyara
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