Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Work

“…Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained in the schools [common men with no educational advantages], they marveled; and they recognized that they had been with Jesus…” Acts 4:13 AMP, italics and emphasis mine

What is it about being with Jesus that gave Peter and John such boldness (audacity, bravery, confidence) and eloquence (articulacy, fluency, persuasiveness)? Considering they were unlearned, uneducated, ordinary fishermen talking to experts, professionals, professors of the law and religion.

I believe two things happened to them whilst in the company of Jesus, ONE they learned of their identity (who they are in God); and TWO, they knew God and Jesus was with them, speaking through them by the Holy Spirit in them. If you “get this”, your lack of education, color, social status or wealth cannot stop you!

I believe in prosperity for I believe in God, for He gives me power to get wealth © TJ Kyara


copyright 2009 Light to my path by TJM Kyara

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