Thursday, October 1, 2009

Majoring on Minor

“…Quite frankly, I don't want to be bothered anymore by these disputes. I have far more important things to do—the serious living of this faith. I bear in my body scars from my service to Jesus…” Galatians 6:17 MSG, italics and emphasis mine

Several months ago I heard that some ministers in Tanzania were openly attacking each other based on doctrinal differences pertaining “dress code” for Christians. My heart sunk with sorrow as I felt what a waste of God’s resources (money and time) on airwaves. There are things we can do without, things that really don’t matter as far as our salvation is concerned.

This was also the case in the NT church, Paul—talking to Galatians contending about the issues of the law, circumcision etc—rebukes them saying that there are far more important (serious) things to do. The church today needs this attitude; we have far more serious things to do re: the gospel than to obsess ourselves with debate about food, clothing, fashion, religion…

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Timothy J. Kyara said...

It looks like Paul was saying "Ima bavad" slang for 'I'm not bothered anymore' with these trivial matters as I have more serious issues to attend to...

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

Timothy J. Kyara said...

Hi, none other the the Holy Scriptures and Holy Spirit

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